Tips to cope with summer…

Many problems such as sweating, thirst and body fatigue arise when going outside in hot weather.
It is important to keep the water level in the body at the right level to avoid such problems .

* Vegetables are rich in water content. Vegetables can be eaten raw or half cooked. It is better to avoid food fried in oil. Add onions to your diet. Protects the body from diseases like heat rash during hot season.

* Fruits rich in water content address the body’s need for water and also regulate body heat. Since watermelon is 90% water, it maintains the water level of the body. Cucumber is also very good for the body.

* For people with high body temperature, it will increase during summer. Abdominal cramping, abdominal pain, irritation while urinating may occur. Problems such as feeling of heat in the eyes, irritation, redness, burning of the eyes will develop. These problems can be avoided by taking watery fruits, vegetables, water and whey.

* Measles is more common in hot season. If children get measles, medicines can be taken as per doctor’s advice. Measles can be avoided by consuming fresh water, fruits and vegetables.

* You can take a lot of vegetables like watery kirni, watermelon, cucumber, radish, watercress, beerkankai, beetroot, pomegranate, strawberry, nungu, banana and greens. Mint, coriander, sesame seeds, cumin seeds, nannari seeds, fenugreek seeds, lemon etc. can be added more in the diet. The body will not become dry if you eat water sources like nemor, ilaneer, padaneer, kampangooj, and kelvaraku kooj. Avoid wheat, maida, chicken, pickles and packet foods that increase heat.

* Skin health is compromised and infections occur. Apply cucumber juice on the face and keep it for 2 to 3 minutes and then wash it off. A few drops of lemon juice mixed with a well-mashed tomato and washed on the face will get excellent results. Groundnut flour and turmeric powder in our home is enough to protect the skin.

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