Diabetes: Proper treatment is essential

After hypertension, diabetes is the most common infectious disease affecting people worldwide. Formerly known as the ‘disease of the rich’, this disease has spared no one today.

Diabetes is a disease caused by high blood sugar levels. Sugar comes from the starches (carbohydrates) in the food we eat. Insulin converts this sugar into energy needed by the body. If the amount or effectiveness of insulin in our body decreases, it increases blood sugar levels; That is, it can cause diabetes. It is better to call it a condition or defect than a disease.

Beta cells

Insulin is a hormone. Beta cells in the pancreas secrete insulin. The beta cells in the pancreas are 100 percent present when we are born; By our 40s or early stages of diabetes, 40 percent of our beta cells die. Preserving the remaining 60 percent of our cells for the rest of our lives is the key to combating diabetes.
After the age of 40, only 60 percent of the beta cells secrete the insulin our body needs, so our body’s insulin secretion decreases. This is the main cause of diabetes. Apart from this, high cholesterol in the blood, high body weight etc. causes ‘Insulin Resistance’ or low effectiveness of insulin. This is also a major cause of diabetes as it increases blood sugar levels.

Amount of sugar

Blood sugar level after eating should be within 140; It should be within 110 on an empty stomach. If a person’s blood sugar level goes above this, it means that he has diabetes. However, doctors will only start treatment if a person’s postprandial blood sugar levels go above 200 or if symptoms are present. If men show important signs of diabetes, such as a rash or sores on the genitals or sudden weight loss, they are advised to have their blood sugar tested immediately.

Low blood sugar is also dangerous

Just as high blood sugar levels are dangerous, low blood sugar levels are even more dangerous. If a person’s blood sugar drops below 60 mg, fainting and profuse sweating begin; When it drops to 50 mg, words begin to slur; As low as 40 mg only snoring is heard; As low as 25 mg they lose consciousness and are barely breathing. It is necessary to admit them to the hospital immediately. A spike in blood sugar does not cause immediate death. But too little sugar can cause instant death. Hence, it needs extra attention.

Do not stop treatment

After starting the treatment, the tablets should not be stopped until the blood sugar level is under control. First check your blood sugar once a week; Then twice a month and then once a month. If the sugar level is normal in these tests too, it may be stress-induced; Or it could be one caused by eating too much sugar. They may have diabetes under control due to pills, change in diet, daily exercise etc. However, they should have their HbA1c tested every three months. Importantly, treatment should never be stopped without the doctor’s approval.

As 40 percent of the beta cells in the pancreas die, a person diagnosed with diabetes may never fully recover or become diabetes free. He had to live with diabetes for the rest of his life. The only way in front of him is to overcome the condition through treatment including medicine and pills.

Some people avoid taking allopathic medicines because of their side effects. Still others are lured by false cures in the name of naturopathy. It only worsens the situation and never improves it. They come to us with diabetes and irreversible damage. One argument is that diabetes medications have side effects, but the reality is that the side effects are negligible compared to the damage that diabetes does to us.

A patient’s skill lies in preventing further progression of diabetes. This requires the help of a doctor and the medicines prescribed by him. Diet and daily exercise are part of this treatment. Only following these properly and completely can protect us from the further effects of diabetes.

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