Know Asthma Let’s Reduce the Impact

Asthma is the inflammation or narrowing of our airways due to allergies that prevent regular breathing. It is not spread from person to person. Once an asthma attack occurs, it can last the patient’s life. Although asthma is not fatal, it can greatly affect quality of life; Makes daily life difficult. It also leads to economic loss due to frequent leave from work.

Compared to those days, today’s modern medical technology has made diagnosis and proper treatment easier. However, 70% of asthma sufferers in India live without knowing they have asthma or without proper treatment. Currently, more than three crore people in India suffer from asthma; 18 percent of children under 10 years of age suffer from asthma.

Effect: During an asthma attack, the outer muscles of the bronchi (Bronchus) in the lungs become tight. This causes the bronchioles to contract even more. At the same time, the lining of the trachea also becomes inflamed. Tightening of the extrinsic muscles and inflammation of the intimal membrane causes the airway to contract. Also, mucus will be released from the swollen lining.

This mucus clogs the already narrowed airways and creates severe suffocation. There is no difficulty in breathing during an asthma attack; Exhaling will be difficult. The victim exhales with a whistling sound. Although asthma affects people of all ages, children are more susceptible to it.

Factors: Allergy and heredity are the major causes of asthma. Asthma can be triggered by allergens such as food, clothing, dust, fumes, smoking, industrial waste, industrial fumes, perfumes etc. Both cold weather and extreme temperatures can trigger asthma.

An infection in the lungs can also cause asthma. Frequent colds, runny noses, stuffy noses, dry coughs, etc., if not properly treated, can also lead to asthma. Asthma in children can be caused by conditions such as tonsillitis, sinus infection, primary complex (tuberculosis).

Psychological problems like stress, anger, fear, mental confusion, emotional overload can also cause asthma. Even some of the medicines we take can cause asthma.

Avoidance: Asthma cannot be completely cured; Living with vulnerability is the only option before us. Keeping home, office, street and environment clean can help prevent asthma. It is very important to dispose of dust and garbage immediately in the home and office of asthma patients.

Asthma patients should never engage in plastering, whitewashing, painting etc. Wearing a face mask is a must when going outside, especially when riding a bike. Asthma patients should avoid living and working in such places as flour dust, cement pollution, asbestos pollution, dairy waste etc. are not suitable for asthma patients.

Pollen is a major asthma trigger. Do not go into the garden when the flowers are blooming. Asthma patients should not keep pets.

Asthma patients should change bed sheets and pillowcases frequently; Never use a woolen blanket; Do not overuse perfumes; It is better not to use inhalants, mosquito repellents, camphor smoke, etc.; Hanging pictures on walls should be avoided because of the possibility of dust and smudges. Importantly, if smoking is a habit, it should be stopped completely. There should also be no drinking.

Treatment: By spirometry test, the doctor will know the degree of contraction of the bronchi and prescribe the treatment accordingly. If a person has asthma due to allergies, finding out what is causing the allergy and getting treatment for it can provide good relief. Asthma is closely related to the food we eat. It is important to find out which foods trigger asthma and avoid those foods.

Asthma pills, medications, and injections may take some time to work. But when using an inhaler, the medicine goes directly to the lungs and relaxes the muscles of the bronchi; Instant relief from shortness of breath is also available. Asthma patients should drink warm water frequently. It helps to clear the phlegm accumulated in the lungs. Daily steaming and breathing exercises are beneficial.

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