Is it enough to drink water only when thirsty?

A basic rule of health is to eat only when you are hungry. Then ‘drink water only when you feel thirsty’ is the norm for drinking water. Is this the right approach?

It is necessary for the body to keep the skin moist to cope with the external heat. The mechanism for this is the sweat produced by the body. The body keeps excreting sweat to keep the skin moist.

It helps keep the body temperature in check and in balance. During the summer, the body becomes deficient in water for the functions of the body’s internal organs and for the work that requires the body to sweat.

Thirst is not the body’s first indication of a need for water; Thirst is a warning bell that goes off when the body’s water level drops below a certain level. When you only drink water when you are thirsty, you may have to drink too much water at one time or in less time to meet your body’s water needs.

Instead, drinking straight water or other fluids at regular intervals is good for health. And if we keep the principle of ‘drink water only when we feel thirsty’, we may suffer in an environment where water is not available when we feel thirsty. Or we may be in a situation where there is no access to good drinking water.

Implications: Medical science suggests that drinking less water in general promotes the formation of kidney stones. Not only that; Due to the effect of intense summer heat, when the body dries up without water, vomiting sensation, dry mouth, headache, dizziness, body weakness, chest irritation, muscle cramps, heart palpitations, rapid breathing, decrease in urine production and other physical symptoms increase and the body does not sweat, memory loss, forgetfulness, Medical science warns that it can lead to dizziness and convulsions.

Vulnerable groups: Especially infants, young children, pregnant women, people who already have co-morbidities like diabetes, hypertension, cancer, mentally ill, people who work in the sun, people who travel from cold to sunny areas, and the elderly are vulnerable groups who are very susceptible to heatstroke.

If these weaker sections take the summer heat too lightly, the consequences will be dire. At the same time, it is better for people with serious heart disease, kidney damage, kidney failure etc. to drink water as per their doctor’s advice.

Breast milk is sufficient for up to six months after birth. Nothing else is needed. Such children cry during summer not only because of hunger; Even if the body is dehydrated. Therefore, regular breastfeeding of such babies can be beneficial during summer.

Protective shield: Water and other water sources help us to protect our body and mind from sun damage. Other sources of water include buttermilk, whey, fruit juice. Usually not only as liquid food; Consuming water-rich vegetables like zucchini, radish, and collard greens, and fruits like oranges, grapes, and melons from time to time will also help. It is better to avoid tea, coffee, alcohol, soft drinks and smoking. Because these induce water loss in the body.

It is better to drink water at least once every half an hour to an hour so that every part of the body can carry out its functions without any hindrance; Other water sources can also be consumed. This is the best shield to protect us from summer.

Drinking cold water straight from the fridge is like an instant thirst quencher. However, drinking a small amount of water will reduce the feeling of thirst. Therefore, people who drink ice water are more likely to miss the required amount of water. And it is wrong to suddenly artificially cool an already warm body. So, it is better to avoid drinking cold water.

Not just this world; Our body is also made up of 70% water. Our brain contains slightly more than that, up to 85% water. Everyone realizes this and drinking water in the right way and in the right amount leads to a healthy life.

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