Liquid nitrogen foods are life-threatening!

Food served with liquid nitrogen is the most talked about and shared news in all newspapers and social media in the last one week . Liquid nitrogen is used in many foods like biscuits and chocolate. Although the smoke coming out of the mouth and nose while eating it is kind of fun, it has been found that it can cause many problems in the body.

The news of a boy from Karnataka who was admitted to the hospital after eating a biscuit laced with liquid nitrogen and a video of him eating it is making headlines today. Following this, they began to study the effects of liquid nitrogen on foods. In 2017, a similar incident occurred in Haryana, where the young man underwent surgery for a hole in his intestine. Now the incident of a boy in Karnataka has caught the attention of everyone in the country. What is Liquid Nitrogen? What is it used for? What are the consequences? Many such questions have arisen in people’s minds at present.

“This liquid nitrogen, used in food to impress the audience, has no mind or taste. However, its use is increasing as the smoke that comes out of it when used is fun and interesting to watch. It is only in a few places in the cities, star and high-end restaurants and entertainment venues that use liquid nitrogen soaked biscuits, ice creams and soft drinks as a game and fantasy. That liquid nitrogen comes out as smoke when our body heats up. They make fun of the smoke coming out of our mouths and noses when we pour it into our mouths. This sport has now become a verb,” says food consultant.

“After this incident, authorities are checking the use of liquid nitrogen in various parts of the city and prohibiting its use in unnecessary places. They also mentioned that the use of liquid nitrogen is also banned in food products that have been used directly. In addition to that, the authorities have mentioned that the fines and their rights will be canceled for the restaurants or entertainment centers that use it.”

*What is liquid nitrogen..? Where is this liquid nitrogen used..?

Called Freezing Agent, Liquid Nitrogen is a type of chemical used in food processing. That is, it is used to keep the vegetables, meats, and milk products that are transported from one town to another from spoiling, and to maintain the food items in big restaurants. It has no mind, color or taste.

Liquid nitrogen is mainly used in the medical field. Liquid nitrogen is used in the medical field for major surgery especially to remove cancerous tumors. It is used during surgery to remove cancer tumors by injecting it over the tumor and removing the tumor completely. Liquid nitrogen is also used to process certain body parts. Through this, it can be processed for many years without any damage to the tissues of the body organs. It is also used to maintain biological samples.

* What are the functions of this liquid nitrogen in the living human body?

We cannot keep ice cubes at 0 degree or minus 1 degree in our hands or mouth for a minute continuously. In such a condition, if this liquid nitrogen with a temperature of minus 196 degrees Celsius enters our body, the entire area will be rejected and all the tissues there will freeze and become inactive in a short time. And 50-60% acidic liquid nitrogen will cause the whole place to rot.

And this liquid nitrogen, which is at a temperature of minus 196 degrees, emits smoke due to a chemical change that occurs when it changes to our body temperature. Many people say that using it after all the smoke is gone does not cause much harm. But its use should be used only for essential needs. Not for recreational use.

* What are the effects of using this..?

Liquid nitrogen can cause frostbite within a few seconds of contact with the skin. As a result, the entire tissue in that particular area is destroyed. When we ingest it through the mouth, the food travels from the mouth to the stomach, where the tissue freezes and destroys the organs.

The result is sometimes loss of speech. And as the lungs move in, the tissues begin to clot, affecting the trachea and lungs, making it difficult to breathe. Sometimes there is a risk of casualties. Apart from this, a few children who consume it may experience loss of eyesight. At most, brain death and unconsciousness are possible. Sometimes there is a hole in the intestines. This will cause danger to life. If you want to recover from it, you will need immediate surgery.

Using this liquid nitrogen can cause some side effects not only physically but also mentally. The smoke coming out of this is interesting and enjoyable for the time and will be imprinted in the minds of the children. Then the idea that smoking is not wrong is likely to change in their minds. Some may become addicted to cigarettes and drugs to keep up. One thing that children can do as a game risks making a big difference in the days that follow. So parents should not involve their children in such fun activities.

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