Ways to avoid neck pain

Neck pain is pain in the back of the neck, where the shoulder and neck meet. This is called ‘Cervical Spondylosis’. This pain is caused due to wear and tear of the neck bone and muscle weakness. Although neck pain is generally known to occur only in the elderly, due to the changing lifestyle, many young people are now suffering from this pain.


l The main reason for this is the relaxation of the muscles in the neck area

l Improper sitting position

l Reading or writing while bending over for long periods of time.

l Using a pillow that is too high and does not fit the head

l Spending too much time bending down to look at the computer, phone, etc.

l Sleeping with the head not properly positioned.

l Work the neck and shoulders without rest.

l Inflammation in the neck and shoulder area due to daily long distance cycling trips.

l Injuries to the head, neck, and shoulders.

l Psychological factors like stress, tension etc

Professional reasons

l Construction workers

l Bus and heavy vehicle drivers

l People who work on computers for long hours

l Those who are in teaching profession

Due to their work, there will be pressure and abrasion in the neck area


l Painful feeling in the neck early in the morning

l Pain that prevents the neck from moving normally

l Sensation of tightness or weakness in neck muscles

l Painful sensation around the shoulder

l Pain in the neck when coughing or sneezing

l Tingling sensation in hands (a) Numbness if chronic pain

How to detect?

X-ray: In this it can be detected by looking at the wear and tear of the neck bones, swelling and the nature of the bones.

M.R.I. Scan: This can detect chronic wear and tear of the neck bones and deviation of the membrane-like area between them.

Blood test: Vitamin-C, Vitamin-D and protein levels can be detected through blood test.

Treatment methods: Pain, anti-inflammatory drugs are given as medicines for neck pain on the advice of doctors.

Conventional Medicine: Early neck pain can be diagnosed through some physical tests and regular treatment (Physiotherapy) can be used to correct it. Neck pain can be prevented from reoccurring by properly following the advice and exercises given by the chiropractor to prevent the aggravation of neck pain. Cervical collar should only be worn on doctor’s advice if necessary.

Ways to prevent neck pain

l Get used to sitting up straight while sitting and working

l While sitting on chairs and reclining seats, the neck and back should be straight and without pressure.

l Use a small pillow to fit your head while sleeping.

l Avoid bending too much and carrying heavy loads on the head.

l Avoid long distance cycling trips.

l In four-wheelers, ensure that the neck area is free of pressure and the seat is relaxed with proper seat size.

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