Symptoms of blood circulation problems!

Healthy blood circulation is the foundation of a healthy body. We can find out the condition of this Oya river flowing in the body by looking at some of the symptoms that occur in the body.

Skin discoloration

Did you know that our body has more than 5 liters of blood flowing through it? Regular blood flow is essential for organ function, nutrient and hormonal services, and maintaining body temperature.

Cold hands and feet

Proper blood circulation keeps the body temperature steady. But if one has poor circulation, the result is fever, chills, cold hands and feet.

Swelling of hands and feet

Poor blood flow can affect the kidneys, which can cause swelling in the hands and feet. This causes fluid in the body to accumulate in the hands and feet, causing swelling and discomfort.


Do you often feel tired and short of breath? If so, the oxygen needed by your body’s organs is reduced. Lack of oxygen is due to poor blood circulation. So with this you can know that the blood flow in your body is bad.

Digestive problems

If the blood flow in the body is not regular, less blood is pumped to the gastrointestinal tract, digestion slows down and constipation may occur.

Poor brain function

Proper blood flow is essential for proper functioning of the brain. But if the blood flow is not good in the body, brain function may decrease and memory loss may occur.

Weak immune system

If the body has poor blood circulation, the immune system becomes weak, unable to fight pathogens that attack the body. As a result one may often suffer from some health deficiency. So with this you can know how the blood flow is in your body.

loss of appetite

Due to poor blood flow, the liver prevents the hunger signal from reaching the brain. So if you always feel hungry or eat very little food, this is one of the reasons.

Skin discoloration

If the tissues in your body are not getting enough oxygen, you can see a change in skin color. Especially the skin looks crimson or bluish in color. Also the toes and heels look like something has been injured. Weak nails and hair fall due to poor blood circulation, many organs are not getting the nutrients they need. This can cause nails and hair to become weak, brittle, and fall out.

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