Guava is everyone’s favourite

History of Guava

Can you believe that India is not the home of Guava which has a deep relationship with us? Yes, its origin is American states, historical records say. However, Guava had already registered its value in India before the 17th century. As far as India is concerned, Guava grown in Allahabad is highly valued.

Guava in circulation

There are many varieties of Guava with different tastes and medicinal properties like Strawberry Guava, Pine Apple Guava, Cittar Guava, and Brazil Guava. Guava fruits with white flesh and red flesh are more common among us.

Guava is used abroad in various forms as candy, dry fruit, and fruit pulp. In the Philippines, ripe guavas are added to soups. A medicinal drink made with guava leaves and fruits is also popular in some countries.

Medical benefits

Guava, which grows abundantly in the rainy season, is not reserved for cold, but eating it in that season will increase immunity. Get protection from seasonal diseases including flu. Drinking lukewarm water after eating with some pepper powder will also prevent colds.

Guava fruit is rich in many nutrients that can nourish the body and prevent disease. Its pods can be used as a dip and as a garnish for many dishes. Guava fruit is very tasty when boiled lightly and mixed with honey, elam and panivellam.

Well-ripened guava can help in removing hemorrhoids. Chewing guava well daily is enough to cure constipation caused by improper diet. It is a must-eat fruit for hemorrhoid sufferers.

Vitamin C

Those looking for Vitamin – ‘C’ seek the support of guava fruit. Guava is rich in vitamin C, which strengthens the body and protects it from various diseases. Guava is also not deficient in calcium. It is noteworthy that vitamin C has the ability to heal tissue injuries. Potassium also helps in keeping blood pressure stable.

Prevents cancer

Guava fruits are rich in fiber and antioxidants. These are the best guardians of heart health. Guava prevents the increase of cholesterol in the blood. Research suggests that lycopene in guava may prevent the effects of prostate cancer.

Good for digestion

Rather than peeling the guavas and cutting them into pieces, washing them well and biting them with the skin on gives extra strength to the teeth and gums. Also, we can get the micronutrients in the skin. When biting, salivation increases and lays the foundation for digestion.

No artificial drinks

Realizing the glory of guava fruit, many multinational companies are trying to market soft drinks containing guava juice. Do not forget that even if you say that you add guava extract to that artificial drink, it will have a high artificial effect.

When can you eat?

11 am or 3 pm is the best time to eat guava. Avoid eating fruits immediately after eating. A well-ripened guava fruit solves digestive problems.

There is nothing wrong with diabetics eating a piece or two of guava fruit. When ripe, the astringent taste in guava purifies the blood. While biting down on the guava fruit, its small seeds that get stuck in the teeth also have many medicinal properties. It is better to give preference to fruits with seeds. Its seeds have the power to accelerate bowel movement.

You can also eat it like this:

Guava Juice:

Crush the guava fruit and squeeze the juice. Add coriander, mint, and a little pepper powder and beat it in the mixer once again with the juice. Drink this medicinal juice to boost digestion. Along with taste, it keeps the digestive system active.

Guava jam

Guava fruits can be mashed and mixed with jaggery to make ‘jam’ and can be eaten as a touch to breads and snacks. A healthy natural jam without any influence of artificial sugar.

Accustomed drink

Guava, grape, mango, papaya, tamarind, pomegranate, pumpkin seeds, drumstick seeds, cucumber seeds, rose petals, and hibiscus petals are mixed with water and beaten well in a mixer. This drink is popular in Mexico and America.

Guava Chutney

200 grams of chopped guava fruits, one cup of coriander leaves, one teaspoon of lemon juice, four chilies, a little ginger, mint leaves, and salt to taste can be prepared as a chutney by beating in an ammi or mixer. Health lovers can try Hindu Guava Chutney every now and then.

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