If you want to gift someone a bouquet of flowers, instead of a bouquet of flowers, give them a pineapple. It is a beautiful bouquet of nature that improves our health manifold.

Brazil is the birthplace of pineapple, which entered India in the sixteenth century. Pineapple has been used as a digestive stimulant in the Americas for centuries. It is grown in many countries because of its high yield and adaptability to different environments.

Medical benefits

Pineapple is rich in nutrients like Vitamin C, Manganese, Thiamin, Folate. People who regularly eat pineapples can delay age-related macular degeneration.

The fiber and water content in it helps to pass the stool easily. Pineapple is a fruit that should be added frequently to people with high cholesterol.

Bromelain, an enzyme present in it, helps to digest proteins easily. Bromelain has the ability to induce pain-relieving factors. Studies are underway to use this enzyme to temporarily stimulate digestion in pancreatic disease. It also has the ability to inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

For vomiting, indigestion and digestive disturbances, the juice of this fruit should be heated slightly to get the best relief. If you prepare the juice of the fruit with honey and drink it in the form of manapagu, vomiting and diarrhea-related diseases will go away.

Pineapple Pickle

It leaves a unique taste of sweet and sour on the tongue and adds health benefits to the body. Adding a touch of salt and chili powder to the pineapple will give you a wonderful blend of flavors. A fruit that is low in calories but provides a lot of energy. You can taste the fruit by dipping it in honey.

To get rid of the sluggishness after eating biryani, eating pineapple slices half an hour later can restore digestion.

Vegetable salad, fruit salad, pineapple is indispensable in everything. Add pineapple, cinnamon, mustard etc. and make it like a pickle and taste it from time to time.

Do not store in the refrigerator

It is best to eat the fruit after cutting it. Storing it in the fridge for days is not healthy! Instead of canned pineapple juice/syrup available in supermarkets, it is better to eat the fruit directly. Canned juices are high in added sugar and preservatives. The stem in the center of the pineapple also has medicinal properties, so feel free to enjoy the stem too!

Quality assurance methods

  • The fruit should be large
  • Tapping on the fingers should make a sound
  • It should smell good
  • The epidermis should be free of scratches and wounds.
  • The crown-like leaves on top of the fruit should be green

You can also eat it like this:

Pineapple Menchai

It is a type of gravy with a mixture of sour, sweet and carby flavors cooked with chilies, sesame seeds, coconut flakes and pineapple chunks. This dish is very popular in Karavalli region of Karnataka.

Pineapple Coconut Salad

Pineapple chunks, raisins, cashews, raisins and some nuts are mixed together and topped with coconut flakes to make it unique. Along with taste, it also provides a lot of nutrients.

Pineapple Sauce

Blend pineapple, mango, paprika and chilies together and use it as a sauce for snacks.

Fruit drying

It was a practice among us to dry the fruit and use it as dried fruit soaked in buttermilk. This fruit extract can be used to relieve indigestion and digestive problems.

Pineapple Snack

You can add salt to the water and add round pieces of pineapple in it as a snack. Boiled avala can be eaten soaked in milk along with pieces of pineapple, cinnamon, mint and palm leaves.

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